Best Web Hosting (2020) | Award Winning Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting (2020) | Award Winning Web Hosting - Usama Younus

The best web hosting in 2020 is one that is fast, secure, reliable, and has ideal customer support that completely supports you.

Best Web Hosting (2020) | Award Winning Web Hosting - Usama Younus

Best Web Hosting (2020) | Award Winning Web Hosting – Usama Younus

Wanna jump straight into the answer?

The best Web Hosting is BlueHost.

I’ve managed hundreds of websites For myself and for my customers.

Including Large and small websites.

I have got a wast experience using different web hostings

and you know what?

Some hosting providers just suck.

7 Reasons To Switch Your web Hosting to BlueHost

I moved to BlueHost hosting over 2 years ago and I love them.

I have been with 7 other web hosting companies and I can say categorically that BlueHost is way better than the other web hostings.

Not only are they better, but they are also on a completely different level from the others.

I have 23 active websites in my online business.

And my clients and partners always ask me about my web hosting company, because I never have any problems and I never complain.

When they start talking about the issues they are having, slow load times, terrible support, etc., I realize over and over again how lucky I am to have BlueHost.

So in this post, I’m going to explain why I love BlueHost so much, and I hope this can help you decide which web hosting is right for you.

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Reason 1 Customer Support

There is nothing more irritating than having poor customer service at your web hosting company.

I’ve been with Hostgator and SiteGround before, and my experience with them was horrible (sorry, HostGator and SiteGround, but it’s true!).

Even I used to send support tickets and then get no response for 2 days.

Then I had to submit another support ticket to follow up on the existing support ticket.

And again there is no response for 2 days.

I was getting incredibly angry.

And when I tried to use the Hostgator chat support, I had to wait a long time for someone to talk to me.

And most of the time they asked to send the ticket anyway so “the technicians can investigate it.”

It still raises my pulse to think about that experience.

When your site is down or not working properly, and you are losing money and sales, you need someone to help you instantly.

This is where BlueHost’s web hosting really shines.

I’ll talk about it in detail below, but I would say they are The Best in customer service. All the problems or questions I have had have been solved almost instantly.

Your support tickets resolve in 30 minutes and your chat support is instant: you can have someone chat with you in seconds.

Reason 2 Chat Support

So, the chat support on BlueHost is really exceptional.

When you have a problem or even a question, you can simply click Live Chat and get someone to talk to instantly, no waiting.

And after you start chatting with somebody, they never just send you to any other area.

They actually manage to help you in that chat most of the time.

So, I have collected some data showing how BlueHost compares to 3 other web hosting companies and I’ve provided it below.

So, from the moment you start chatting to issue a resolution,

the average response time is only 5 minutes.

It’s my personal experience as my clients have their websites hosted on HostGator and Site Ground also.



Web Hosting Provider Response Time Problem Solution
BlueHost 5 min 20 min (approx)
SiteGround 11 min 45 min (approx)
HostGator 19 min 3 hours (approx)
DreamHost 9 min 35 min (approx)

Reason 3 – Instant Resolution On Tickets

Sometimes you can’t solve your problem through chat.

For example, If you need to provide screenshots, log in details, or a log of something.

In that case, you must submit a ticket.

With most other web hosting companies, a ticket means several days of waiting before any response.

Again, my experience with BlueHost has been overwhelmingly positive, because every ticket I have submitted in the past 2 years was resolved almost instantly.

Reason 4 – Supper Fast Phone Support

I never liked to call my web hosting provider very often.

I’ve only done it a few times.

But there could be some people out there who would like to call instead of chat or tickets.

So, I can’t say categorically that phone support is ALWAYS instant,

But in the 2 or 3 times, I had to call, they did indeed respond instantly.

On the other hand, when I had to call SiteGround they didn’t respond instantly and I had to wait for their response for over 15 minutes.

Also, I didn’t found Dreamhost and HostGator call support useful at all.

As their phone numbers are always busy.

Reason 5 – Awesome Loading Times

As I mentioned, I am working with 7 other web hosting companies including

HostGator, SiteGround, FatCow, Namecheap Hosting, GoDaddy Hosting, and some other smaller ones.

Site load times have always been the fastest and I have never experienced unusual slowness of websites.

I have not personally done any kind of time load comparison,

I can only say that my HostGator shared web hosting sites sometimes took 4-5 seconds to start loading.

With BlueHost, it’s always been instant, really fast.

Reason 6 – Web hosting Security

I don’t know how to express this correctly, so the best way to describe it that I can think of is Proactive Security.

In the last year, I was attacked through a DDOS attack two times, where hackers basically send thousands of bot clicks per minute to your website, causing it to load pages at a blazingly fast speed, and finally shut down the server, resulting in your website being offline for hours or days at a time.

BlueHost has proactively identified it and sent me an email notification message informing me of what was happening

And that they managed to block the DDOS attack also.

So, my attacked sites suffered a bit of damage and fell for 10-15 minutes,

But came back online after that.

Reason 7 – Price

I put this at the bottom because honestly, price is not the most important factor when choosing your web hosting provider.

The most important thing is the customer service and the loading speed of the website.

However, BlueHost also offers the best prices.

Your shared web hosting starts at just 3.95 / mo,

Which is as cheap as any other cheap company. Hostgator plans have the same price.

And even if I could save $ 0.50 or $ 1 a month elsewhere,

I really don’t recommend choosing the cheapest web hosting.

You can save $6 or $10 a year by choosing the cheapest host,

But chances are you will regret it when you come across horrible customer service.


As you can probably see, I really love BlueHost.

And I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

They have a selection of plans that can grow with you … I started with a cheap shared web hosting plan and now I am running a VPS (Cloud) account because I have many websites.

But it is fully scalable and you can start with a standard shared account and then upload when you need to.

Start Here With BlueHost

What did you think? Have you had any experience with BlueHost? Do you have something to share about YOUR current web hosting company? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you. And Definitely Reply to You ASAP.

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