28 Common Blogging Mistakes All New Bloggers Make

28 Common Blogging Mistakes All New Bloggers Make - USAMA YOUNUS

When starting a new blog, making mistakes is common. But what if I tell you even a basic blogging mistake can keep you deprived of blogging success for so long? And that’s why you should read this article throughout so that you may avoid making these Common blogging mistakes.

Hey Dear readers, I am Usama Younus here, and here, I’m going to share 5 blogging mistakes you must avoid when starting a new blog.

Top 28 Most Common Blogging Mistakes in 2020

Top 28 Most Common Blogging Mistakes in 2020 -Usama Younus

Top 28 Most Common Blogging Mistakes in 2020 -Usama Younus

1. Choosing Non hosted platforms

Blogging Mistake I see newbie bloggers making is: Not creating a professional WordPress blog.

Usually, they start with free blogging platforms like Blogspot.

Because when starting out, it’s quite normal to think that it’s not worth investing in a blog

Maybe because they are just starting out, they aren’t making any money.

Or anything else like this.

But later, when I realized that

“My free blog lacks many powerful functionalities, I had to switch to self-hosted WordPress.”

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So, we were talking about switching the platform. right?

There is nothing wrong with making a switch from free to professional WordPress blog.

But when you do this, you end up losing the backlink juice that you gained over time.

Sure if you know the technical aspects of SEO, you can regain that link juice.

But again, keep in mind you need to start over again from scratch.

You have to invest time in learning the working of the new blogging platform.

So, why not save time by choosing self-hosted WordPress in the beginning?

That’s why I recommend you to invest ina custom domain and quality hosting server.

By the way, if you want to learn how to start a professional WordPress blog from scratch and turn it into a cash pumping asset, check out my article on How to make money from blogging in 2020?

by visiting UsamaYounus.Com/Make-Money-Blogging-2020/

2. Sacrificing content over design

I see many new bloggers making this common blogging mistake.

People spend days and weeks, and even months getting the same design that’s similar to the blogs they like reading.

You don’t need a fancy blog with custom design and lots of plugins.

Get any popular themes like Genesis and start blogging.

Because no one cares how attractive blog design you have.

What everyone cares about is “how effective your blog content is”.

So, choose any functional design and get started blogging.

Because there are more crucial things to do than wasting time figuring out the best possible design.

One thing you should keep in mind “content is the king”

You have to worry about what you can deliver to your audience from the best of your knowledge.

What type of value you can add to someone’s life?

how can you deliver your best to the world?

because if you want to scale in the world of blogging you have to gain the trust of the audience. And if you do that You will become a brand.
Also, if you’re going to be a blogger you have to get visitors to your blog and the ultimate way to drive visitors to your blog is Google and Google loves the content that has more engagement.

I hope you have got the point. Right?

3. Getting worried about traffic

One of the common blogging mistakes that I have seen that new bloggers mostly make is when they start blogging they think mostly about “Getting traffic to their blog”

They think about conversion and revenue the first day even before writing a single article on their blog.

Now I don’t mean you should not care about your blog traffic, revenue, or business growth.

Rather I mean, you shouldn’t be obsessed about these things and should focus on your content.

Checking your blog traffic stats and analytics once in a while is okay.

But getting worried about your blog growth especially, in the beginning, is not a good idea.

Because you need to understand that it takes some time to build authority and get blog traffic.

So, rather than thinking much about these, keep your focus on creating high-quality content that is SEO optimized as well as helpful for your blog readers.

Here you should note a point that in beginning you need to focus on the type of the content.

their content should be able to utilize after three or six months as if they have no authority till now and getting no traffic there content will be read after some period of time.

So, if you are a new blogger you should focus on that also.

4. Not knowing the monetization strategy

4th common blogging mistake You Must Avoid When Starting A New Blog is: not knowing your monetization strategy.

Most bloggers start a blog with the mindset of earning passive income from blogging.

But they chase after every monetization strategy like display ads, affiliate links, selling digital products, and things like that.

But they don’t know the right strategy to make money from blogging.

For example, if your goal is to earn passive income from your blog then displaying ads like Google AdSense is a worse monetization strategy for this.

You should consider using affiliate marketing or selling your own products to make it a really huge revenue.

If you need help in choosing the right monetization model for your blog, then check out this blog post on my blog.

5. Not having a newsletter subscription

Next common blogging mistake is “Not collecting Emails”

Last but not least the most crucial one is: Not building an email list.

And I see every new blogger making this blogging mistake while starting a new blog.

I made this mistake earlier and I still regret it.

One of my blogs was getting almost 1 million visitors per month.

Many people suggested me to start collecting emails from my blog visitors.

But since I’m an SEO guy who knows how to make Google search algorithms favor me, I was more concerned about increasing blog traffic than retaining my existing traffic.

In other words, my blog was leaking huge blog traffic and I was still putting all my efforts into bringing more visitors to my blog.

If you are making this blogging mistake, please be informed that Google, Facebook, or any other platforms algorithm will not always remain the same.

Therefore, start collecting emails of people who visit your blog from the very first day.

That way you won’t lose any visitor that you have acquired from your hard work.

And if you need my personal support in setting up your blog for email list building, leave a comment below.

6. Blogging without passion

here is another one of the most common blogging mistakes is Blogging with no passion

Another mistake is that people get started blogging without knowing their passion.

Always remember one thing never start your blogging career on a niche that doesn’t suit your personality.

In other words, never do the thing that you don’t like doing

Mostly what happens is people just think about the scope of what they are doing and the same thing they do with their blog.

They just listen or read somewhere that

For Example “Usama Younus has said that ‘insurance is the highest paying niche in the world’ so, let’s start a blog on insurance”.

Let me tell you, my dear fellows, this is not going to be a good idea at all.

If you want to start blogging and you want to scale it to become your primary source of income just “write what you know”.

Let suppose that I start writing about  “Health and beauty”, “Insurance” or “sports” just because they are high paying niches or they have more traffic.

Let me clearly tell you it is not going to work.

Because if I don’t know about the niche how can you expect me to write Quality content?

And Do You Know

Google Loves Only a Quality Content.

7. Not targeting a certain market

Next common blogging mistake is not choosing a niche

If you want your blog to become an authority blog you have to focus on a single niche.

Let’s take an example of my dear Instructor Hisham Sarvar they have started a blog Named BeingGuru.

Although on the present-day  BeingGuru is kind of a brand it doesn’t appear on Google for most of the keywords it should appear for.


The only reason for this is that they haven’t focus on a certain niche.

So, first of all, choose a perfect niche for your blog, and if you have problems choosing a perfect niche check out my article about How to start a Blog in 2020.

8. Blogging only for money

If you want to excel in your blogging career,

Do blogging if you genuinely like blogging because if you’re blogging only to earn money from blogging you’re going to waste your time.

Because if you don’t like writing blog you’ll soon get bored from this job and start finding shortcuts to write the blog.

And in a worse scenario, you’ll Quit blogging

Here come’s the next big and most common blogging mistake that is.

9. Copying and using Plagiarized content

As I have said above when you get bored writing content you start copying the plagiarized content.

this practice is not so healthy for your blogging career whether you’re using this content directly or after rewriting it.

what I’ll suggest is to write about your passion.

And write about what you genuinely think about the topic that you’re going to write.

10. Not having a search box and sitemap

This is gonna be the biggest mistake in your blogging career

Now if you’re an experienced or an intermediate blogger then you should know what is XML sitemap of the website.

But if you’re new to the field let me tell you what the XML sitemap is and why having a sitemap is that important.

An XML sitemap is a document that tells Google what you’re posting on your site.

basically it gives a path google bots to scan your site and index your article in the search engine.

Now you might be thinking that “Okay you have told me that having a sitemap is the most important thing in blogging but how should I do this”

So, this is very easy if you are using WordPress as I always recommend using WordPress because it gives you a lot of cool and powerful functionalities for your site.

Coming back to the topic you just have to install Yoast SEO Plugin on your website and it’ll automatically generate an XML sitemap for you and you can access it by visiting yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

11. Expecting fast results

This is one of the crazy and common blogging mistakes that most bloggers make.

You should not expect a large scale growth at the beginning of your blogging career.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll not get results you will get results but you have to scale it like a plant.

A plant doesn’t start giving fruits instantly you have to take care of it and should water it daily to get fruits from it.

The same is the case of a blog.

I think you’ve got the point.

12. Are Not Goal-Oriented

If you are Blogging without having a goal, you’re just throwing an arrow without having a specific target.

You have set a goal from which you should stick around.

now if you have got your goal just break it down in several milestones that you have to achieve as fulfilling a bigger Goal is a little bit hard to do.

Also if you are stuck around a bigger goal or in other words to your main goal you’ll definitely get bored and unmotivated soon.

13. Having an odd layout

You have to make a blog having a cool minimalist design.

Its layout should be easy to navigate and user friendly.

Don’t overthink about designing your blog and spending weeks doing so.

Just get a free or premium theme that suits you best and set up minimalist navigation having a menu and related posts in it.

If you want to check my recommendations of Best WordPress themes check out My Article How to start blogging 2020.

14. Using the wrong font

I have seen that new bloggers focus mostly on a theme and the color scheme and they do these things very well.

But the factor they ignore is they don’t focus on the font of the blog.

You should try using different fonts and identify which font best suits your theme

Also, you should choose the right typography.

As the users come on your site to get information and if your site is not readable they’ll leave your site increasing your bounce rate.

Do you know Google doesn’t like the sites having a high bounce rate?

15. Writing about an unfamiliar Subject

Now you have chosen your niche right?

So, the next most common blogging mistake is to write a post on a topic that is new for you.

If you do this you’ll not be delivering value to your audience.

If it is necessary to write on the topic you’re new with do thorough research on it so, you can deliver the value to your audience.

16. Using too many ads

When I got an Adsense approval on one of my blogs the first time I just filled my blog entirely with ads.

That was one of my biggest common blogging mistakes I have ever made in my blogging career.

Then I received some complaints from the users and have seen a huge drop in my Google rankings.

Then I got to know that using too many ads is annoying for users and hurts your Google Rankings.

17. Not promoting your content

One of the most common blogging mistakes why most of the new bloggers fail in blogging career is they do not share their content.

If you’re doing this mistake then start sharing your content whether on social media or in web directories or anywhere else just do it.

Because when you promote your content you get backlinks and this means your blog authority and higher rankings in search.

so start sharing your content right now!

18. Choosing a Low-Quality Domain Name

Some people go on a domain registrar and register some of the weird types of domains.

Make sure you’re not making the same mistake.

some people choose a domain with wrong spellings this is a crazy mistake because if you want to scale your blog as a business and people can’t even remember your domain.

This is gonna be weird.

19. Using poor hosting

New bloggers mostly compromise on the quality of hosting as they choose the lowest priced hosting.

And when they start getting traffic their website slowdown and it affects the SEO of their blog.

So, I’ll suggest here to choose a premium quality hosting or if you can’t afford it in beginning you can upgrade after started getting traffic.

when it comes to hosting services I always suggest SiteGround unbiased and I am not using an affiliate program of siteground also.

20. Expecting results without hard work

A lot of people think they’ll get returns without any effort or hard work and they just quit writing.

This is also a very big reason for failure.

21. Not optimizing their blog for search engines

Most of the newbies set a blind eye on SEO.

Maybe because it requires a little bit of knowledge and some hard time to optimize the web page.

Although whatever the reason is you have to give a good amount of time to Search Engine optimization.

22. Allowing Spam Comment

Spam content looks really awkward on a blog.

When people are new to the blogging and they’re not getting kind of appreciation they start allowing spam comments.

These spam comments ruin your reputation.

So, don’t allow spam comments and also try to use some sort of anti-spam software like Akismet or captcha.

23. Forgetting Readers

Newbies never care about their blog readers.

You should understand that you are not writing your content for search engines.

Your blog readers are the ones you should definitely care about as they are the ones who can uplift your blog.

So, the best thing you can do is keep your readers involved

and try your best to satisfy your Audience.

24. Scarifying Quality over Quantity

Now many bloggers come up with a bunch of low-Quality content

What they need to understand is Quality of the content is more important than writing a lot of content.


Content is King

But remember Quality content  is the King

So, when it comes to search engines Top search engines like Google never rank low-quality content even if you’re writing 10 articles a day.

Always remember one best-written post perform better.

So, what I’ll suggest here is please spend some time writing the content.

Also, always try to add some value to your reader’s life.

25. Not Guest Posting

Most people don’t understand the importance of Guest posts. You should remember Guest posts don’t just give you a good amount of traffic but they also provide you a bunch of valuable backlinks too.

So, go out on the internet and start searching for the authority websites that accept guest posts.

26. Not being personal

If you have read this whole article you must have noticed that it seems like a conversation between a reader and a writer.

Or maybe it looks like a professor is delivering some type of lecture in the classroom.

But let’s imagine if somebody writes it like he is writing news posts.

I hope you have understood the difference in both. You should get personal to your readers they should feel some attachment or some connection while reading your blog.

And please note that this is the thing that you can develop over time so, what you need to do is just start writing and try to improve your writing style every day

27. Spelling Mistakes

Spellings are the most important thing to excel in this career and it’s very important for every blog to avoid spelling mistakes.

It really affects your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ultimately your Search engine rankings.

28. Always trying to sell something

In order to make money from your blog by selling affiliate offers or maybe selling your own products, you have to do some marketing of that product on your blog.

Now one of the most common blogging mistakes here that most people make is they just overdo it.

When you read their posts you’ll notice that they push you to buy something in all of their articles.

This leaves a bad impression on your readers and maybe you will lose some of your potential customers doing this silly mistake.


Well, these were the top 28 most common blogging mistakes you must avoid when starting a new blog.

so, guys, that’s all for this article please bookmark this page on your desktop and read it again and again and start reducing your blogging mistakes to become a successful blogger.

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